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Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally

Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally


Pregnant when old

Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally Previously, we found a grandmother. And a lot of young grandmothers, but nowadays  people, but more mature. And also contraceptives continue to cause pregnancy at an early age. Children born to older women. It is normal, but it is found to have an increased risk, so it is essential to plan for childbearing.

How does age affect pregnancy?
At the age of 35 years, the pregnancy rate decreases due to decreased ovulation, inflammation of the abdominal cavity can cause fibrosis. Although difficult to conceive, fetal birth usually occurs between 35-39 years of age. 30 years of having regular sex and no children, consult a specialist.

How much of a pregnancy will affect your baby’s health?
Pregnancy health checks for people over the age of 30 years are needed because of the increased age of the disease. Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally High blood pressure during pregnancy Diabetes during pregnancy Increased control of pre-pregnancy disease reduces the complications. It was found that the local people are older. 35 years of age is twice as high in gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy compared to 20 years of age.

Very old age during conception with congenital deformity
Down syndrome has been found to increase with 1 in 1250 normal births. At the age of 25, however, if a 40-year-old mother experiences one of 106 births, it is recommended that women age over 35. Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally The year should be drilled amniotomy detected that 95 percent of the normal result.
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Aging during pregnancy with abortion
The more age, the higher the rate of miscarriage, the 25-year risk of abortion is about 12-15%. But if the age of 40 years, the risk of abortion is about 25%.Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally

Age during pregnancy affects children?

• Age during pregnancy is more likely to cause more problems in the placenta.
• The child may have less weight than the younger one.
• Because the mother may not be strong. Fetal distress may occur during delivery.
Age during pregnancy affects the delivery?

At the age of more will find that difficult labor requires surgery for the abdomen.Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally  If the first 30 years of age will have the rate of delivery by surgery increased by 30 percent, but if the age of more than 35 years, the rate will be increased by surgery. 80 percent

How can you reduce the risk?

• Take 400 milligrams of folic acid per day.
• Check your health before pregnancy and leave regularly.
• Weight control is normal.
• Choose a good diet.
• Abstain from alcohol.
• No Smoking
• Stop taking your own medicine.

When pregnant, what special tests?
It is important to have a diaphragm of the Chromosome to check if the child has Down syndrome.Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally

Down’s syndrome is a condition in which the baby has abnormalities at the chromosome. Most of these are the 21 most common chromosome abnormalities.
The expression is a retarded baby. The look is unique, look like “smiling face” flat nose (short), eyeballs, eyeballs, eyes, ears, small tongue, and physiologically bad. The gesture is like a daydreamer. Good mood, like always happy, not hurt anyone.

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Chromosomal analysis of the amniotic fluid will make this disorder known. How long will it take to pierce the amniotic fluid? In the gestational age 16-18 weeks if chromosomal abnormalities are found. And have a bad effect on the baby. It will ask about parents’ voluntary abortion. If a parent agrees, the doctor will do so safely for her mother’s health.

What to do when pregnant

If the couple is pregnant at the age of 35 years or over, or the husband is over 55 years of age, while the pregnant wife What to do is to penetrate the amniotic fluid to chromosomal culture. The gestational ages ranged from 16-18 weeks.

If a chromosomal abnormality is found. This represents a serious infant. It should abort the abnormally born baby.

If no abnormalities are found. Born with a chromosome It should start to encourage the baby’s brain to work. At 5-6 months of gestation, let’s listen to the harmony of harmonious music. Sympathy sweetly until birth.

Getting Pregnant At 40 Naturally When you are born, do not wait too long. By doing so, it is more like “playing”. And try to find books to read. The happiness of all parents is that there is a “baby” smart, strong, bright, not cause problems. But it can solve the problem itself properly, be good, have courage and gratitude.



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