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8 Good Tips Have Easy Babies

Pregnancy Assistant I want to have children, but why not? The green light is on and many people are experiencing this problem. This is a good guide to having a baby is easy.

Which is called a difficult baby?

Is after marriage In general, 85 percent of spouses will usually conceive within one year and 50 percent of spouses will usually conceive within the first three months after marriage. Another 25 percent will Pregnant within 4-6 months, after 6 months, the chance of pregnancy is only 10%.

Have a hard time doing well.

If the baby is difficult. See your doctor for advice on pregnancy tests and treatment for infertility. However, if the case is still waiting for a natural pregnancy, such as the age of the spouse is not quite. Your mother up to 35 years old today, listen to general advice and sex. For people with children difficult to get a good baby.

1. Prepare for pregnancy. With folate or Folic acid in the female, it helps to reduce the neural disorders of the baby’s brain and reduce abortion. Pregnancy Assistant Pregnant women have to get enough folate. It is found in fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, eggs, liver, shrimp, shellfish, crabs, fish or folic acid in tablets 400-500 micrograms per day is approximately 1 tablet per day.

2. Having sexual intercourse with an easy baby is the fall of the egg, which in this period has the highest chance of having sex. Because after the egg falls for 24 hours, if the egg is not mixed, it will disappear.

Check the egg fall. Use the test kit to test urine from the 9th of the menstrual period. The average monthly egg count falls before the 14th day of the month, so if you have around every 29 days, the egg will fall on the 15th of the menstrual period. (Menstrual period, first day is the first day of menstruation)

Observation of falling eggs is cervical mucus. The cervical ovulation in the cervix is ​​ten centimeters And stomach pain from falling eggs. Often, the pain of the 14th to 15th month of the menstrual period, with pain like a runny nose on one side of the uterus.
how to get pregnant         3. Sexual intercourse Even some people do not believe that the effect will affect the easy baby. But it is generally believed that the mission. (Woman lying on the bottom. Man on top) is the easiest bay to have. Because it can penetrate deeply. Can spit semen directly into the cervix. It is a posture that makes women relax and not have to tense.Pregnancy Assistant  After sexual intercourse, the woman lying on her hip pillow to raise the height. Stagnant semen for at least 10-15 minutes to help sperm run to mix eggs better.

4. The frequency of sex Research has shown that. If you have sex every day will increase the chances of children. But there is a controversy that may increase stress. This has the potential to have fewer children. In general, it is advisable to have sex every other day or two, and it can be easy to have a baby. Because sperm lives up to 72 hours after ejaculation.

5. Reduce stress. Having a difficult baby is a tremendous stress that results in many sexual problems such as lack of sexual desire. Can not be sexually awakened Not tops So painful to have sex, so find a way to reduce stress according to the aptitude of each person.

6. Stop smoking. Regular drinking reduces the chance of having 50% of the children because of the number of sperm drops. Motionless In shape Both reduce the absorption of nutrients necessary for the strength of the sperm, such as zinc, for cigarettes, hormones abnormal. Sperm quality Reduce ovulation in females.

7. Reduce coffee. The children should be caffeine less than 200-250 mg per day (coffee about 1 glass). Taking caffeine over 300 mg a day increases the likelihood of abortion.

8. Must control the weight to normal. Research in the abdomen found. If it is very heavy. It takes double the weight of normal people. It is possible to conceive and if it is thin, it will take 4 times of normal weight to conceive.

Pregnancy Assistant

For men Do not expose your testicles to heat or radiation containing substances. Do not place your laptop on a lap. Put your cell phone in your pants pocket. Do not bathe in hot water or hot water during sex. Be careful of the lubricant gel sold commercially in the market. Because it can reduce sperm motility by 60-100 percent. In addition, both men and women. Should exercise regularly. In addition to reducing stress. Pregnancy Assistant It is also a weight control. healthy It is not too difficult to have children.