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Want to have children

Pregnancy Help The spouses have children difficult or easy. Usually about the age of the female party and the frequency of homosexuality. When older and less sexually The chances of pregnancy will be reduced as well. Even if the fucking does not match the ovulation, it will not make it pregnant. Eggs fall to only 24 hours. In addition, if the woman has urologic and ovarian disorders or disorders such as uterine endometriosis Uterine tumors, etc., will make the opportunity to have children naturally fallen.

For the man. The higher the age, the more likely it will be to have a baby. If there are diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc., it can affect the hardening of the penis and spermatic dysfunction. Or who has had mumps or testicular inflammation, it may have less sperm. The chances of a wife getting pregnant are reduced. In addition, men often smoke and drink alcohol. It will affect the amount of sperm and the strength of the sperm. It makes children more difficult. The opposite of adolescence, in addition to no condom, and often have sex. Women have the opportunity to conceive easily, although not ready.
How to have children

In case you have infertility. Please read the instructions for treatment in the next section. However, if the case is still waiting for the natural pregnancy and the spouse is not very old. Pregnancy Help If you want to have children, please be sure to follow these instructions.

1. Plan to have children at an early age. Mostly feminine women will marry sooner. In contrast to couples who marry slowly. The age range is appropriate and the chances of getting pregnant are 20-30 years old. If you are pregnant, it is likely to complicate very little.

2. fucking day Sex in the fall of the egg will have the greatest chance of conceiving. Eggs usually fall in the range of about 2 weeks before the next round. If a woman has a regular monthly period and every month is 28 days, the egg falls on the 14th day of the month (the first day of the first month). It is possible to start having sex in the pre-ovulation period of about two days, from the 12th day of the month, because the sperm is expected to live about two days before ovulation. (It is recommended to have sex on the 13th, 15th and 17th of the month because it is the day of the egg. By trapping the middle and after the fall of the egg.) In the case of a month or not come around in time. The calculation of the egg fall may be discrepancies. But we have a way to find ovaries accurately in a variety of ways, such as temperature measurement, cervical mucus, use of egg test kit, saliva, etc. can read more about “egg day”. Have a look at article 8 How to find the egg fall & calculate the egg fall.

how to get pregnant    3. The frequency of fucking Although having sex every day improves the chances of getting pregnant. But it may increase the stress and decrease the amount of sperm. In general, it is recommended to have sex every other day or 2 times, which will increase the chances of pregnancy. Because the sperm is released, it will be strong and swim to reach the destination. When you know it, do not overdo it too.

4. Tune in to fuck There is a belief that the missionary position or the position of the woman lying on the bottom. Men’s section on top The easiest way to have children. Pregnancy Help Because the man can penetrate deep into the cervix and sperm directly into the cervix. It is also a posture that the woman was resting, not contraction after sexual intercourse advised the woman to lie on her hip pillow to lift up with. Hold for at least 10-15 minutes to help the sperm run better with the egg.

5. To reach the climax of the woman. It will increase the chances of getting pregnant more. Because when the woman reached the climax. There will be mucus secretion to help bring the sperm to the eggs easier. The vagina also has a contraction of the muscles in the abdomen several times. This results in more sperm sucking into the uterus.

6. Control weight to normal. Women with normal weight. Ovulation and sex hormone levels are consistent and more likely to conceive than those who are overweight or obese. By research that. Having too much body weight takes twice as long for a normal person to conceive. But if it is too thin, it will take up to 4 times the normal weight to be able to conceive. In men, there is research that found that. Pregnancy Help Obese people have a reduced sperm count of 22% and a 24%

7. reduce stress In the case of women Stress can interfere with hormonal functioning in the reproductive system. Menstrual dysfunction or menstrual dysfunction. Do not ovulate The eggs do not grow completely. And it makes it harder to fertilize the fertilized egg. Men’s testosterone hormone level and the number of sperm drops. Sexual dysfunction. So during periods of stress, sperm production and ovulation are inhibited. Cause infertility. But at the same time, if it can relieve symptoms or relieve stress, it will increase the pregnancy rate.

8. Stop smoking and alcohol. Drinking alcohol (beer, wine, wine, etc.) on a regular basis will reduce the chance of having children by 50 percent because it will decrease the amount of sperm is not healthy. Or have unusual shape It also reduces the absorption of nutrients necessary for sperm strength. Zinc The smoking will cause hormonal disorders. The number of sperm drops. Sperm quality And reduce female ovulation.

Pregnancy Help

9. Drink less coffee. In those with hard children should be caffeine 200-250 mg less than or about 1 cup of coffee. Taking caffeine more than 300 mg a day increases the chances of miscarriage.

10. Be careful not to have hot testis, such as a warm bath or hot water for long periods of time, long motorcycle strolls, tight fitting pants, cell phones in pockets, etc., because of testicles. Men produce maximum sperm when the temperature is cooler than normal body temperature. And will produce less sperm in the heat.

11. Avoid using lubricating gel while fucking. The use of lubricant gel is available online. It may reduce sperm motility by 60-100 percent, which makes it less likely to conceive.

12. Other factors, such as regular exercise,  healthy living, good environment and proper eating, 5 meals, be careful not to be malnourished.Pregnancy Help  (The Thai people are very deficient in iron, iodine, vitamin D), and should eat folic acid every day before thinking of having a baby for at least 6 months to help prevent deformed children, eat acid-alkaline. Balance, for example, if you eat too much (acid), then eat foods that are alkaline, such as green leafy vegetables, low-fat milk, toxic chemicals, such as lead, smoke, pesticides, etc.